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FAQ's with our Most Frequently asked Q&A's

Production Time is the time it takes us to complete your custom mirror frame order.  After receiving your order, we hand it to our team in the back to cut and prepare your frame.  Allow 3-4 business days for your order to be completed and prepped for shipping.

We take pride in our shipping service just as much as our product. We want to make sure you receive your order in the condition we packed it in, with up to date tracking information and the fastest shipping times. If  your package arrives damaged, please contact us as soon as possible so we can make it right.

We are Green friendly, by using Poly frames instead of wood or mdf particle board.  Our shipping boxes are recycled material and we have little to no scraps which saves on landfill overages. We use LED lighting in our warehouse and we don’t use paper towels when cleaning anything in our warehouse. We only use and believe in Norwex Cloths.  You simply wet your environment cloth with water and wipe away. Products come with a 30 day money back guarantee with no questions asked and they all come with a 2 year warranty. We highly recommend our Representative: https://michellejaronik.norwex.biz/

Our Materials

Our frames are made out of Polystyrene, which is Imitation wood moulding, a dense plastic that looks exactly like wood.

Their chief benefit is that they are indistinguishable from wood frames when hanging on a wall. For many people, the first time they know they are looking at an polystyrene frame is when they hold it in their hands. Poly frames are noticeably lighter than real wood frames, which in itself can be a benefit esp when hanging them on your mirrors.

Polystyrene is used in new home construction from window casings to crown moulding to picture and mirror frames. 

Poly frames are an attractive option for do-it-yourselfers who are often looking to frame a mirror to give it a more updated look.

Other Brands on the market

Other brands on the market use real wood frames, which in steamy bathrooms have the tendency to warp and change, after all it is only natural for unfinished wood to do that. The other brands on the market use MDF board which lets face it, if you put in a steamy bathroom you have the possibility of your frame literally crumbling, and who wants that?!

We have a state of the art, patent pending method for assembling our frames. We don’t require you to have a miter saw,  Liquid Nails Glue, or tape to do a crazy grid pattern all over your walls. You don’t have to wait hours for your assembled mirror to be dry and be able to place on your mirror.We only ask that you assemble your order when it arrives on a flat sturdy surface such as a carpet, you will need a phillips head screwdriver and a tape measure. That is it! You can assemble our frame in 10 minutes. 

Why choose us? 

So in a nutshell, yes our product is Top Notch, must have and cant be beat! We promise! 

The Bracket Kit 


  • Easier to change out if you decide to update at a later date, or if you need to paint the walls and don’t want to risk hitting the frame. 
  • Easier to ensure accuracy when attaching your frame to your mirror. 


  • You will need to measure a few more steps for us when placing your mirror frame kit order. 
  • You will need to install the wall anchors and brackets to the top area of your wall mirror so that our frame can clip on top of it. 

The Tape Kit


  • You have less to measure when ordering. 
  • You will not need to worry about installing brackets with wall anchors. 
  • Takes less time to actually install on your mirror. 


  • The tape we use is INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH, when we say this…it is not to boost our products or make us sound full of ourselves (we didn’t create the tape), we are totally serious in its strength and it will adhere to whatever it sticks to. 
  • The tape cover pieces are even strongly adhered to the sticky tape itself, so to peel back the tape cover you need a sharp edge to grasp underneath the tape cover, so you can pull it back…it isn’t your basic Command Strip Tape.
  • When you are holding up your frame to place onto your mirror, if your frame is large you will 100% need another person to help you in eyeballing its accuracy on your mirror.  You will want to hold out in front of the mirror without actually touching the mirror yet, ensure you will be free of any obstacles such as towel bars or outlets and slowly go forward ensuring you are covering the edges and the top and bottom are covered with your frame and no mirror is showing.  

Depending on which kit you purchased instructions will be as follows: 

Tape Kit: 

If you purchased a tape kit for your mirror frame you will need to purchase a bottle of Undo at your local craft store and fishing wire. Starting at the top you will pour the Undo in between your mirror and your frame and allow it to pour down for just a minute. Then inserting one edge of the fishing wire and holding on to the other end with your other hand (you are holding both ends with the wire in the middle in between your mirror and frame). In a sawing motion start at one corner on the top and work your way around all of the edges. You may want a second person available just in case.  Once the mirror is removed the tape may leave behind a white foam looking material on your actual mirror. This is easy esp if you have already poured your undo onto the mirror and it has now soaked into the foam pieces that are left on your mirror. Simply take a glass scraper, or box cutter and carefully scrape off the adhesive that is stuck on your mirror. Don’t use force and try not to dig into the mirror, you don’t want scratches on your mirror. 

The Bracket Kit 

The bracket kit is a lot easier to remove once you install onto your existing mirror, hence the appeal to hang a bracket kit instead 🙂 

For this removal, you will need a phillips head screwdriver, some undo, fishing wire and possibly a glass scrapper/box cutter. You can start by squirting some of the undo in between your mirror and frame on just the bottom, remember that is the only place you have tape. Allow that to penetrate for just a second and you can begin to use the fishing wire and using a sawing motion in between the mirror and the frame work from one corner to the next to loosen the adhesive. Once this has wiggled free then you will need to lift your mirror frame up and off of the brackets on top. Set the mirror down or out of the way. You will need to unscrew the brackets and remove them. If your tape has anything left behind you will need the glass scrapper to gently scrape away any adhesive left on the mirror. Super easy!  

Do we offer a Guarantee? Yes we do! 

Our frames are made of Polystyrene so they are mold and fungus resistant. They will not chip, fade, deteriorate or even warp. Although we have not tested our product in an actual sauna, we highly recommend you just stick to hanging it in a used, everyday bathroom 🙂  

So, if anytime before 1 year from your purchase date you have any issues with your mirror frame kit, please let us know and we will make it right. 

What we don’t cover? This is the fine print you want to read and not skip thru 🙂  

  • We can’t replace your frame kit if you have decided to get really crafty and paint your frame to change the “look” of it. 
  •  We can’t replace your frame if you entered in your measurements wrong, assembled your wrong measurement frame and actually hung it up when it doesn’t cover your full mirror. We created our special instructions to prevent any of this from happening but if by the slight chance it was ordered wrong and you assembled it and went to place it on your mirror, BEFORE you actually attach it for good, call us and let us know that somehow the measurements are off. We will walk you thru each step again and see where the error was made. If it was on our part, we will make it right by replacing your frame kit. 
  • We can’t replace your mirror if you use straight bleach to clean your frame. It smells sanitary but it does cause discoloring effects and we highly recommend cleaning with  Norwex products 🙂 

Unfortunately at this time we have not created a way to frame a circle or oval mirror but believe me when I say we have a room full of creative minds that are always looking to innovate. We will let you know as soon as this becomes available. 

So you have a mirror that is rectangle on the bottom but maybe rounded on the top? 

Unfortunately, we are unable to create a custom mirror frame kit for various different shapes. However, if you are desperate and you just want to ask us if a certain shape is possible, then give us a call and lets see if we can get super creative.  

No worries, as long as that metal strip along the bottom of your mirror is flush to the mirror, our framing system will go right over it. 

No problem, it is okay if your mirror sits directly on your back splash or your counter. Our frame will go directly over the top. This is also great if your current wall mirror has been exposed to the water and cleaners and the bottom edges have begun “silvering” in the back (the black specks or areas on your mirror). Our frame will help hide these as long as they are within the width of the frame you choose. 

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