Frames without Mirrors
Frames without Mirrors are mirror  mouldings that will need a mirror inserted/attached to the frame before placement on the wall. You simply choose from one of our stylish frames and let us know your size. You will receive your order and it will take ten minutes or less to assemble your  frame with only a phillip head screwdriver! Then you attach your mirror, place hangers on the back and hang to your bathroom wall above any sink, tub or toilet. This will also make changing out your mirror at later dates easy. Simply lift your mirror off the hangers and remove without messing up your paint, back splash or counters.

Choosing from one of our styles will be easy with the up to date and trendy styles you will be sure to find one or several that look amazing for your home remodel project. We offer a wide selection of wood or poly mouldings. We offer them in blacks, silvers, gold, champagne, white, grays, blues and bronze. They come in the following finishes: matte, shiny, country/rustic, satin or smooth flat.

When choosing our mouldings, you can choose one that is versatile and go with any themed decor or you can be specific and have it match your cabinets and current decor style. Either way changing out these mirrors will be easy and affordable now that you have found Mirror Renovations.

Its so easy you will wonder why you haven’t done this sooner!