Rabbetless Mirror Frame Samples

Rabbetless Mirror Frame Samples are available in corner or chip size.  This easily allows you to quickly and affordably update your home or business bathroom mirror.

To update any mirror, simply begin by measuring your mirror.  You will want to take note if you have any plastic mirror clips. Count how many you have and we will send you our replacements. You will change these out one at a time so that you wont  risk your mirror falling down on you. If you have the metal mirror clips those will work fine as long as you don’t have a large gap between your mirror clip and your mirror currently.

Now choose your frame style, enter in your information.  When your order arrives, it takes on average 10 minutes to assemble and attach to the mirror.  The only tools needed to assemble your mirror frame kit is a  phillips head screw driver. No miter saws needed, no messy glues or wedges to pound in. We knew that an easier way had to be possible so we designed this to be the easiest mirror frame kit ever. Once your frame is assembled you simply use the industrial strength tape on the back and attach to your existing wall mirror. This tape is made to withstand all bathroom environments.  We recommend using Norwex cloths to clean your mirror and your frame. This prevents the use of cleaning chemicals that may be hard to breathe in.

Once you are done send us a before and after picture. We love seeing how great the bathroom mirror frame kits look when completed. They make a quick and easy update to your home.