Samples are easy to order. Your mirror frame samples come in a corner or a chip size. You can choose between mirror frame kits with rabbet or that are rabbetless.

Do you already have your existing wall mirror attached to your bathroom wall? You don’t want to create the mess of trying to remove it? No worries, with rabbetless samples in corner or chip size you can order which ones you think you would like. When they arrive you can place them against your counter top or backslash. Our Rabbetless Mirror Frame samples will come with easy instructions on installation. They only involve a phillip head screw driver and ten minutes of your time. You will simply follow the instructions provided. Using our industrial strength tape on the back, you can adhere your frame to your existing wall mirror. Our industrial strength tape will with stand the humidity. Strong enough to withstand the basic bathroom environment thru time.

Our Frame moulding samples that have a rabbet are for the new home constructions or the homes that do not have an existing wall mirror in their bathroom. You simply order the samples you would like to try in chip or corner size and once you decide on which one you love you simply place the order online. Once your order arrives you will follow the instructions to assemble and it will only take ten minutes of your time and a screwdriver. Then you will attach a mirror into the frame. You will place the mirror hangers on the back and simply hang on your wall. This makes things easier if you decide to change out the mirror in the future. You just simply lift the mirror frame off the hangers and your wall/paint will be undamaged.