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Defog your Bathroom Mirror…..with Shaving Cream?

Okay so we found this video and it has us wondering.....does it really work? Defog your bathroom mirror with shaving cream. We all have gotten out of the shower when its steaming and realized we cant seen in the mirror. The majority of us simply start wiping with a towel or used our freshly clean hands. What else could you do....wait for the bathroom fan to clear out the room, ain't nobody got time for that! Check out this video on how BUILD.COM takes care of bathroom fog on their mirrors. Defog your mirror with Shaving Cream   Let us know if you tried this, did it work? Which brand of shaving cream did you use and how long did it take you to wipe off the mirror?   Want to know how to frame a bathroom mirror? Come browse our selection of mirror frames :) Stay up to date with our blog posts on tips…

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How to remove a mirror from the wall

Updating any plain wall mirror is a great idea. Many different methods of how to remove a mirror from the wall are on the internet, but how do you know which ways are the easiest? Which ways are the most cost efficient and what ways take less time? What is the best way to removing mirror adhesive? There are 2 basic methods for removing a mirror from the wall, both of which will leave the mirror intact for later use. Both ways to remove a wall mirror, however, will require repair to the drywall. The Scenerio: You have a plain wall mirror and you aren’t sure if its glued onto the wall but it has two plastic clips on the bottom and lets say that you have two plastic clips on the top. The clips are usually very easy to remove, you simply need a screwdriver, but wait to do that just yet! Supplies needed for…

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