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Allowing you to Shop all products offers you the option to choose if you would like to purchase a rabbet mirror frame or a rabbetless mirror frame.

Shop all products of our Rabbetless mirror frames are stylish and trendy and with a patent pending installation that is quick and easy to follow. It will only require a phillip head screwdriver and ten minutes of your time. You simply assemble and use our industrial strength tape. You can adhere to your existing wall mirror in a matter of minutes. With this option you can quickly and affordably update your bathroom mirror. Hide the unsightly mirror clips. No one will ever know that the mirror and frame didnt come attached to each other. We offer a selection in black, silver, gold, champagne, bronze, gray and blue. You will find we have finishes in matte, satin, shiny and a country rustic.

Shop all products in our  Rabbet mirror frame mouldings. Rabbet Mirror Frames contain the frame “lip” where you can insert your own mirror into the frame before placing hangers on the back and placing on your wall. This method will make it easier to change out in the future by simply lifting the frame off the wall hangers. You will not have damage to your wall/paint since your mirror wont be glued to your wall. You will not have to worry about plastic or metal mirror clips either.