4169 Bronze Framed Mirror

Dimensions                    Material

Width: 2 1/2″                  Poly  Moulding



Bronze Framed Mirror is a great choice renovation choice for any home, hotel or office bathroom mirror. Its classic style with a minimalist charm.  Perfect for any bathroom mirror to be updated easily. Furthermore this poly bronze framed mirror is a must have. Builders and remodelers are available to order for their clients renovation projects and can qualify for discounts in bulk.

In addition, our bronze framed mirror can easily compliment any bronze, gold, matte black, sterling silver or pewter faucet. Our Mirror Frame is black in color. Mirror frames are easy to clean in any bathroom, just simply use the Norwex Enviro Cloth & water along with the window polish cloth.

Therefore, using our bronze framed mirror in your bathroom would update a bathroom instantly, easily and affordably with little to no hassle in assembling.

When placing your order

Using our easy to order system you can enter your mirror measurements and start creating the bathroom of your clients dreams. Just simply insert your  mirror into the back of the black frame and attach to your clients bathroom walls. You can hang by wire or by using hangers on the back of the frame, either way it can easily be interchanged if the client wishes to change at a later date.

We are more than happy to work with any custom orders you may have, contact us with more information. After you install the framed mirror please send up a before and after image. We love to see how great our frames update any bathroom space. If you look into a mirror you want to look into something that represents you. Have it be your style and your vision.


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Width: 2 1/2″


Poly Moulding

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