Childrens’ Bathroom {Lego} Inspiration

Lego Bathroom When creating a fun and playful setting for your little ones, think back to what was so amazing about your toys. The exciting cool colors, features and playing with friends and of course.....Mom. Moms know how to make toys come alive. Whether they are dressing up Barbie or making the loudest roar from a Dinosaur, moms know how to make things a kid anyways :) Let stalk Legos........ What makes them so cool? Well for starters, legos are the best toy to have; to create a hundred and one different other toys out of them. You can break them down and start all over creating something completely different and we love legos, except when we step on one when we are barefoot. (So much truth, if you dont believe us, try it sometime.) We searched the internet far and wide and found some of the coolest lego bathroom themed decor. Our favorite, because…

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