Shop our Collection of Mirror Frame Kits, you can search or browse thru any of our styles. All you need to do is enter your current mirrors measurements, then choose your frame style that fits best with your faucets and counter top. We ship your order to you free of charge and it will arrive within 5-7 business days. To assemble your mirror, ALL YOU NEED IS A SCREWDRIVER! It is truly that simple and easy to do, we believe anyone can do this. In just 20 minutes, you can cover up your mirror clips and update your plain mirror. Perfect option when you are renovating or wanting to list your home to sell.

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    Mirror Frames

    Mirror Frame kits. Choose between our rabbetless frames that can adhere to mirrors already on the walls or choose our rabbetless styles which require you to insert a mirror prior to adhering to a wall. Choosing one of our kits to update a home or business bathroom is an easy and affordable solution. We offer Rabbetless and we offer  mouldings with a Rabbet or "lip". When you choose the Rabbet mouldings. You will simply choose your style of moulding that you would like to have and then measure your wall space. You can attach your mirror into the moulding and use wall hangers to place on your wall. This offers the availability to change out easily at a later date if you would like that option. If you dont want to have to remove your current wall mirror, choose the Rabbetless mirror frames. You simply measure your mirror on your wall and fill out our order form online. You can choose from a variety of moulding options with different finishes and colors. When your order arrives you can assemble it using a phillip head screw driver. It will only take 10 minutes of you time to assemble and attach. If you have the plastic mirror clips, no worries we will send you our replacements so that you can change out one at a time. Our frames will also hide the clips so that no one will even know that the mirror and frame didn't come already attached.
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    Samples are easy to order. Your mirror frame samples come in a corner or a chip size. You can choose between mirror frame kits with rabbet or that are rabbetless. Do you already have your existing wall mirror attached to your bathroom wall? You don't want to create the mess of trying to remove it? No worries, with rabbetless samples in corner or chip size you can order which ones you think you would like. When they arrive you can place them against your counter top or backslash. Our Rabbetless Mirror Frame samples will come with easy instructions on installation. They only involve a phillip head screw driver and ten minutes of your time. You will simply follow the instructions provided. Using our industrial strength tape on the back, you can adhere your frame to your existing wall mirror. Our industrial strength tape will with stand the humidity. Strong enough to withstand the basic bathroom environment thru time. Our Frame moulding samples that have a rabbet are for the new home constructions or the homes that do not have an existing wall mirror in their bathroom. You simply order the samples you would like to try in chip or corner size and once you decide on which one you love you simply place the order online. Once your order arrives you will follow the instructions to assemble and it will only take ten minutes of your time and a screwdriver. Then you will attach a mirror into the frame. You will place the mirror hangers on the back and simply hang on your wall. This makes things easier if you decide to change out the mirror in the future. You just simply lift the mirror frame off the hangers and your wall/paint will be undamaged.
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    Shop All Products

    Allowing you to Shop all products offers you the option to choose if you would like to purchase a rabbet mirror frame or a rabbetless mirror frame. Shop all products of our Rabbetless mirror frames are stylish and trendy and with a patent pending installation that is quick and easy to follow. It will only require a phillip head screwdriver and ten minutes of your time. You simply assemble and use our industrial strength tape. You can adhere to your existing wall mirror in a matter of minutes. With this option you can quickly and affordably update your bathroom mirror. Hide the unsightly mirror clips. No one will ever know that the mirror and frame didnt come attached to each other. We offer a selection in black, silver, gold, champagne, bronze, gray and blue. You will find we have finishes in matte, satin, shiny and a country rustic. Shop all products in our  Rabbet mirror frame mouldings. Rabbet Mirror Frames contain the frame "lip" where you can insert your own mirror into the frame before placing hangers on the back and placing on your wall. This method will make it easier to change out in the future by simply lifting the frame off the wall hangers. You will not have damage to your wall/paint since your mirror wont be glued to your wall. You will not have to worry about plastic or metal mirror clips either.