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Shop our Collection of Mirror Frame Kits, you can search or browse thru any of our styles. All you need to do is enter your current mirrors measurements, then choose your frame style that fits best with your faucets and counter top. We ship your order to you free of charge and it will arrive within 5-7 business days. To assemble your mirror, ALL YOU NEED IS A SCREWDRIVER! It is truly that simple and easy to do, we believe anyone can do this. In just 20 minutes, you can cover up your mirror clips and update your plain mirror. Perfect option when you are renovating or wanting to list your home to sell.

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  • Mirror Frames

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    Mirror Frames

    Mirror Frame kits. Choose between our rabbetless frames that can adhere to mirrors already on the walls or choose our rabbetless frames which require you to insert a mirror prior to adhering to a wall. Choosing our Frame kits to update your Home or business bathroom mirror is an easy and affordable solution. Simply choose your  frame that you would like to have and measure your existing wall mirror. You can hide the existing metal clips easily. If you have the plastic clips, we send you replacements for free. Our mirror clips are hidden behind the frame so you wont even know they are there. Your guests will think the frame and mirror are one.
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    Order your mirror frame samples in a corner size or a chip size. You can choose between mirror frame kits with rabbet or that are rabbetless
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