Nautical Bathroom Inspiration

Nautical Bathroom  decor can vary depending on your location and your sense of style. Here we went with a Farmhouse Nautical Look. We stayed true to the oceans color palette and intertwined woods with bronze and matte black accessories.  It would create a spa like feeling to anyone’s home bathroom and creates an oasis of peace. It’s clean, its summer, its a breathe of fresh nautical air.


(Image Resources and where to buy these looks can be found below.)

For instance, you can take nautical to an ocean theme. Drag up the ship wreck decor and rope handle pulls. Use the sea creatures such as octopus, fish and sea turtles as your drawer pulls. This theme would keep a rustic yet metal look and can also intertwine matte silvers and varnished golds. This look is creative, it is a mixture of antique and contemporary.

Now let say you want an American Nautical Theme, by that I mean Red, White and Blue everywhere…..think of any summer Ralph Lauren ad you have seen. Go with either bright shiny golds or stay true to the classics and use chrome or brushed silver. Traditional wood vanity with a full frame mirror to help maintain the look of your theme. Navy blue and plush white towels hung next to the red sailboat. This theme is clean and crisp and reminds anyone of a nautical summer.


Image Resources: 

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Sea Glass Vanity

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