How to remove a mirror from the wall

Updating any plain wall mirror is a great idea. Many different methods of how to remove a mirror from the wall are on the internet, but how do you know which ways are the easiest? Which ways are the most cost efficient and what ways take less time? What is the best way to removing mirror adhesive? There are 2 basic methods for removing a mirror from the wall, both of which will leave the mirror intact for later use. Both ways to remove a wall mirror, however, will require repair to the drywall.

The Scenerio:

You have a plain wall mirror and you aren’t sure if its glued onto the wall but it has two plastic clips on the bottom and lets say that you have two plastic clips on the top. The clips are usually very easy to remove, you simply need a screwdriver, but wait to do that just yet!

remove a mirror on wall by using wire

Supplies needed for Method 1: Using cutout wire to remove a mirror from the wall and removing mirror adhesive

  • You will want a second person with you for starters
  • Both wearing protective eye gear and Industrial gloves so you don’t slice your hands
  • Purchase cutout wire or windshield removal wire from your local auto store
  • Large size packing tape
  • Screw Driver (if your mirror is held up by clips and depending on which screws are used)
  • Bottle of Undo from your local craft store
  • Possibly touch up paint, drywall spackle, sand block and of course a paint brush 🙂
  1. Start by using several stripes of your packing tape and place across your mirror in a plaid pattern all over your mirror. Definitely done as a safety precaution so that if by chance it breaks, shards of glass don’t go flying around.
  2. Next, with one person holding their hands up to the glass so that it doesn’t come lose by chance, go to each mirror clip and unscrew. (If you have mirror clips)
  3. Continue by using a length of the cutout wire and almost as if you are using a sawing motion, start in one corner and go back and forth working your way to the opposite corner of the mirror. As you are doing this tell your second person to keep their hands over the mirror holding it kind of in place so that it doesn’t come completely unglued and fall to the floor. At this point you can try to squirt some undo between your mirror back and the wall. Undo is an adhesive remover and it will not damage any of your wall or the paint.
  4. Once you get to the opposite corner and with the help of your person assisting you carefully take the mirror down and place in a safe area. Expect the glue to grab some of the drywall when it is removed. Be prepared to replace and repair drywall. Having your paint colors available.

Method 2

remove mirror from the wall by drywall


Supplies needed for Method 2:  Using a Drywall saw to remove a mirror from the wall and surrounding drywall
  • Drywall Saw
  • Protective eye gear and industrial gloves
  • Flat or Phillips head screw driver (if your mirror is held up by clips also)
  • A sheet of drywall
  • Drywall spackle, sand block and touch up paint

This is a little bit more detailed in repair work but easier to actually remove the mirror.


  1. Using a drywall saw start in one corner of the mirror and create a square perimeter around the outside of your mirror, cut a square completely out. Having your person assist you by holding the mirror in place while you saw the area out.
  2. Then you both take the mirror and surrounding drywall and set it aside.

To sum it up each of these methods are do-able if you are set on removing your existing mirror. However, both of these methods cost most, take time and lots of repair work to complete and finish the project. Mirror Renovations offers an easier solution that is affordable and anyone can do it. Attaching our custom frame to your existing mirror is the easier solution by far.