Make your own Mirror Frame….or Buy a Mirror Frame from Mirror Renovations?

Make your own Mirror Frame or Buy one from Mirror Renovations? Make your own mirror frame or buy a mirror frame from Mirror Renovations? I know apps and plugins like to remind you of how easy these projects can be and a lot of them are, lets just say it...... deceiving. They show you the tools needed, supplies and tell you that it can all be done in just one afternoon and the best part is they say and "I did it all for under $30!" Well, lets start with that because that is the most offensive part. Yes, maybe they did do it for $30, but they also make note in their instructions that they used several supplies that they already had at home or items that were laying around that were extra. Well that doesn't help the person who doesn't have those same items laying around at home now does it? The Basics Lets…

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