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Getting your bathroom ready for spring

How to get your bathroom ready for spring and why would you want to? Over the winter months, things can get pushed to the back of the closet, dust bunnies can gather in corners, vanities can become over filled with various items just thrown in when family and friends came over for the Holidays.

Norwex Dusting Mitt


Lets start with Light. Open the blinds if you have a bathroom window. Grab your Norwex microfiber dusting mitt or Swiffer wipes and start with your light in the bathroom. Wipe down the blinds, the window trim, and clean the glass. Next focus on the lighting in your bathroom. Wipe down the actual fixture, make sure your bulbs are bright, we love the Natural Daylight Bulbs you can find at your local Hardware store.

Natural Daylight Bulbs 


Cleaning out the unnecessary items in your vanity that were more than likely thrown inside when family and friends came over for the Holidays. Getting your bathroom ready for spring will help achieve this.  If you haven’t used it within the past year, you more than likely don’t need it. Also keep in mind most beauty products have a shelf life. If you feel bad about tossing these items, then donate the unused items to your local thrift store or homeless shelter, they can always use products donated.

Once you take everything out of the vanity, wipe it all down. Clean the dust off the ridges of the cabinet door, the back corners of inside the vanity, etc. Then after you have gone thru all of the beauty products put back the remaining items into the vanity and you have just reduced the clutter and cleaned all at once.

If you have a linen closet, remove all towels and anything else that had gotten shoved into it in a hurry. Fold the towels and put back in a nice fashion. Remove and get rid of any that you feel have passed their expiration date. You know the ones that have developed holes from being bleached, the ones that maybe have stains on them that have never been able to remove. (These make great wiping towels for the garage)

Finishing Up

All that’s left now if simply wiping down the shower, faucets, mirrors and sinks. Cleaning the Mirror is the easiest. Simply wipe down the mirror and gorgeous Mirror Renovations Frame you have hanging with a microfiber cloth and water. We love the Norwex Enviro and Window Cloths. They make cleaning a breeze. Wiping down the shower, faucets and sinks with the Enviro is easy and doesn’t require you having multiple cleaners. Are you wanting to change out your mirror frame? no problem, visit HERE to take a look at our newest mirror frames.

Once you are done wiping everything down, take a look around and enjoy your clean and spring ready Bathroom!

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