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How {NOT} to Frame a Bathroom Mirror

Let’s not hang our mirror frames like this…….please.

How NOT to Frame a Bathroom Mirror. Being in the Mirror Frame Industry when we venture out into the world, whether we visit a friends home or a public restroom at a restaurant, we tend to look at the mirror frames. We just cant help ourselves, we love to see whats hanging and how it brings the room together.

Take notice

After going out to dinner at a local restaurant which shall remain nameless but much to our astonishment, this nice restaurant had chosen to obviously leave a plain mirror up on the wall, purchased a frame and proceeded to use phillips head screws to hold it on the wall. They had 4 on top and 4 along the bottom. They didn’t bother to even paint the screw head to match the frame or even to make it flush into the frame so the screw head wasn’t sticking out.

This just isn’t how a bathroom mirror should be hung by any means. It made the bathroom seem very cheap and grungy. It is the definition of how not to hang a bathroom mirror frame.

They could have used Mirror Renovations. They would have easily updated their plain mirror in a tasteful manner, in a matter of just minutes.

Updating your mirror can be simple

Want to know how to easily add a frame to your mirror? Follow this link and we will show you that you don’t need messy glues, you don’t need to own or know how to operate miter saws, and you will have a much better outcome then this image here.

We love the food at this restaurant but as any Southerner would say on their mirror frames…..”Bless their hearts”

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